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Product Reviews

  • "I was originally given some as a sample and love how it keeps me regular and feeling "unbloated"."

    Judith B.

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  • "I used this product as I was recovering from treatments for cancer that really created a major imbalance in my digestive system. I feel this product played a big role in helping get things back to normal, and I continue to use it daily to this day!"

    Dana G.

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  • "After three or four days I started to notice little differences in my health issues. So will definitely keep using this."

    Kathy W.

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  • "It is a great product! I will continue using this product."

    Michelle A.

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  • "This is a great product. When I take it regularly, I notice increased energy, reduced appetite, and improvement in my digestive system."

    Donovan F.


  • "I have a cousin who has IBS. I told her about the product but she seemed somewhat reluctant. So, even though I don't have any digestive issues, I thought I would try a pack just to see what it does. For the first week or so I "passed gas" more frequently. I did notice an increase in energy. had trouble getting to sleep the first few nights too. was wide awake at bed time. Haven't weighed myself yet to see if there was any difference there. So now that I have tried it and I will give her a call and see if she is interested. "

    Joy D.


  • "Almost three years ago I was diagnosed as being lactose intolerant and it required major changes in my diet. I struggled with digestive issues almost constantly until 5 months ago when I started taking a 10g scoop of MSPrebiotic everyday and it has drastically changed my gut health for the better by balancing it out. Now I barely ever have any issues! Because of this improvement I will never go without it!



  • "I have been using MSPrebiotic for over 10 months. I take daily 10 g. on empty stomach which gives me sufficient energy for my endurance sport, prior to having a breakfast. I find good available energy and stable/regular gastro-intestinal function. It's an easy product to consume!"



  • "I tried dieting but it didn't seem to take the weight off.The product gave me more energy, weight loss, gut stability - I lost 30 lbs last year."

    Jim F.



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