FODMAP Friendly

FODMAPs are small sugar-like molecules found in many foods that are poorly absorbed by the body and become fuel for the microbiome. FODMAPs can cause gas and bloating, especially in people with digestive issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). A Low FODMAP diet can help eliminate these triggers.

FODMAP Friendly certifies products that are low in FODMAPs, making it easy for consumers following a Low FODMAP diet to choose products that will not trigger symptoms. Products that bear the FODMAP Friendly logo have passed rigorous third-party laboratory testing.

While a Low FODMAP diet can improve quality of life for people with intestinal sensitivities, eliminating FODMAPs can lead to other digestive concerns because FODMAPs are prebiotics - essential nutrients for the gut microbiome. Fortunately, MSPrebiotic resistant starch is a FODMAP Friendly prebiotic, allowing consumers supplement their digestive health with confidence.

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