Striving toward our target fibre intake

The problem: Modern diets lack the Recommended Daily amount (RDA) of dietary fibre, which is associated with the development of serious diseases. In fact, most people ingest only 13 to 18g of fibre per day, which is largely due to the consumption of convenient but highly-processed foods. Incorporating sufficient fibre into our diet is important for many reasons. It balances water absorption in our digestive tract, ensuring regularity. Beneficial gut microbes (the good bacteria) also feed on dietary fibre, in turn guarding against heart disease and helping to reduce inflammation in the body.

The solution: The health benefits associated with dietary fibre can be achieved by adding a prebiotic supplement to one's diet. MSPrebiotic® is 70% dietary fibre, providing a simple, easy solution to bridge the fibre gap-- promoting regularity, maintaining heart health, and helping to reduce inflammation.

The take-away: Every 10g scoop of MSPrebiotic® delivers 7g of dietary fibre. Since most adults require between 25 and 35g of fibre per day, that means the recommended 2 to 3 scoops of our prebiotic supplement can provide 60 – 80% of the RDA for fibre, depending on age & gender. Even a single scoop can increase the fibre intake by 50% for most people!