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Helpful Information for First-Time users of MSPrebiotic®:

We are delighted that you are choosing MSPrebiotic® to help you meet your digestive health goals!  The healthy bacteria living in your gut will thank you, too!  Evaluation in a clinical setting has demonstrated that MSPrebiotic® is very well-tolerated and causes no side effects.

However, some customers report increased gas and bloating during the first week or so of supplementation with MSPrebiotic® at the 10 g (1 Tablespoon; one level scoop) dose.  This is due to your gut microbiome responding to this newfound energy source.  Importantly, these changes tell you that MSPrebiotic® is working to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria.  These symptoms disappear as the microbial ecosystem adapts.  Not everyone experiences this side effect; it depends on your diet and the status of your microbiome when you begin taking MSPrebiotic®.

A simple solution is to this temporary discomfort is to start with a lower dose of MSPrebiotic®.  The scoop contained inside your pouch has a small line indicating the level corresponding to 3.5 g (1 teaspoon) of MSPrebiotic®.  First-time users may want to begin supplementing with MSPrebiotic® by filling the scoop only to this line.  By starting at a lower dose, consumers are much less likely to experience any temporary discomfort or bloating.  You can increase your dose as your microbiome adapts, experimenting to find the right amount of MSPrebiotic® needed to reach your digestive health goals.